The staff population of the University of Nairobi stands at 1,292 academic staff with PhDs, 450 professors and over 2,000 administrative and technical staff. The University prides itself in having the highest number of professors in the region. The academic staff are thought leaders in their fields. These members of staff, designated across the University campuses, are available to serve the stakeholders.

The University of Nairobi has adopted a culture of performance in which staff performance is measured through annual appraisal system. To sustain high performance, it is critical to ensure that staff are highly motivated through various methods including rewards and making the job tasks more challenging.

The University management acknowledges that the staff is the most valuable component of our organization and whatever has a value must be appreciated and rewarded. The management continues to discharge its mandate in pursuit of excellence of employee satisfaction and enhance corporate performance.

We shall continue to make deliberate efforts to improve employee morale in the University – Vice-Chancellor, University of Nairobi.

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