Friday, September 23, 2022

On the 16th of September 2022, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi Prof. Stephen Kiama gave his address to the freshmen and women joining the University for the September 2022 intake.

At the beginning of his address, the Vice Chancellor introduced Ms Melvin Thogo, the University of Nairobi Student Association president, who began by congratulating all the students for joining the greatest university in east and central Africa.

She concluded by briefly introducing the student leadership members, sharing some words of wisdom, and informing the students on extra curriculum activities and clubs available at their disposal.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama began by congratulating the first-year students on their amazing accomplishment of achieving the academic qualifications to be admitted into the University of Nairobi. Stating, “Your admission into this prestigious university is not a mere achievement, you are the best”.

Going into depth to give a more detailed inner working of the University of Nairobi by saying, that all undertakings within the university are guided by our philosophy. “Our philosophy is, the need to connect and inspire the Kenyan community, provide leadership and stewardship, and give hope and faith to the Kenyan society. That it can excel in whatever it chooses to do with passion, moral responsibility and a strong sense of patriotism”.

 He continued to state that at the University of Nairobi, students are prepared for service and not to be served. Further expounding on his statement by stating, that this is made possible because “the University of Nairobi is about service to mankind”.

Quoting the first Chancellor of the University of Nairobi, The Late President Jomo Kenyatta who spoke on the importance and significance of the University of Nairobi towards the republic of Kenya and the necessity of freedom for the professors to teach their subjects; and the students and research workers to feel free to pursue the truth and publish their findings which would allow the mind of this nation to flower through the University of Nairobi.

The Vice-Chancellor emphasized on the important contribution the University of Nairobi has made to the nation of Kenya in shaping the social and economic atmosphere of this country. “This country is better because we are, it’s better because we exist”. 

Continuing to echo the sentiments that the university is about service to humankind, by expressing that the University of Nairobi aims to make its contribution to society clearly visible and that the daily labour and unity is in the aim of full filing this desire. He continued to emphasize the various threats that we as the human race face, and the need to equip students with the knowledge to tame all these unavoidable threats as a necessity, “that is why we exist as a university”.

The University of Nairobi is not shy of outstanding alumni, who are at the forefront of problem-solving, within this nation. “Our alumni have been entrusted with leadership positions in this country and globally”. He stated, giving reassurance to the first-year students of the prestigious institution in which they have now become a member.

Our outstanding and internationally recognized and accomplished alumni is a clear endorsement that our training is up to the task, stating “We produce problem solvers”. The University of Nairobi is able to accomplish this through its team of professors, the technique members of staff, the administrators and support staff. Who are available to students whenever they require their support or assistance.

“We shall lead you to a path to the future, the unbeaten path, a path of discovering”. However, Prof Stephen Kiama strongly emphasized the need for students to participate and contribute. That the University of Nairobi will lead its students, but personal intervention is necessary in order to beat their own path, and allow them to envision a better future.  

The Vice-Chancellor then went on to announce a new common course on entrepreneurship and innovation by the senate that will be aimed at assisting students to develop their innovations and new ideas that lead to business opportunities.

Watch the VC's address live address to freshmen and women