Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Dear family and friends of the late Dr. Joseph Barage Wanjui,

On behalf of the University of Nairobi community, I extend my heartfelt condolences on the passing of the esteemed Dr. Wanjui. His legacy as the Chancellor of our university will forever be cherished and honored with deep respect.

Dr. Joseph Barage Wanjui, appointed as the first civilian Chancellor in 2003 by the late President Mwai Kibaki, was a beacon of wisdom and leadership in the field of industrial development, business management, and institutional governance. His visionary contributions have left an indelible mark not only on the University of Nairobi but on the broader landscape of academia and industry in Kenya and beyond.

In recognition of his exceptional achievements and unwavering dedication to progress, the University of Nairobi proudly conferred upon Dr. Wanjui the honorary degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) Honoris Causa on the 7th of May 2004. This prestigious acknowledgment underscored his outstanding leadership, innovation, and commitment to advancing education and research in our institution.

Affectionately known as JB, Dr. Wanjui revolutionized the ethos of the University of Nairobi by instilling a culture of transformation and excellence. His mantra, "it's not business as usual," inspired a new era of innovation and efficiency within the university, setting a precedent for future generations of leaders and academics.

During his tenure, Dr. Wanjui spearheaded significant changes in management practices, propelling the university towards a more dynamic and results-oriented approach. His guidance and mentorship were instrumental in cultivating exceptional leaders, including the transformation of the late Prof. George Magoha into an exemplary corporate figure through specialized training at Stanford Business School.

Under Dr. Wanjui's stewardship, the University of Nairobi embraced a strategic business mindset, introducing initiatives such as early morning meetings to enhance productivity and collaboration among staff and faculty members.


Beyond his role as Chancellor, Dr. Wanjui remained deeply committed to the university community through his philanthropic endeavours. Through the Joe Wanjui Foundation, he supported numerous deserving students pursuing STEM disciplines, empowering them to achieve their academic aspirations and contribute positively to society.


Dr. Joseph Barage Wanjui's legacy as a visionary leader, dedicated philanthropist, and esteemed alumnus of the University of Nairobi will forever hold a special place in our hearts. His enduring impact on our institution and the lives he touched will be fondly remembered and cherished for generations to come.


In remembrance of a remarkable individual who exemplified excellence and compassion,


Prof. Stephen Kiama Gitahi

Vice Chancellor

University of Nairobi