The Library has organized its 8th Library Open Day & Academic Integrity
week *on 20th to 22nd April 2022.* The theme of the event is “*Connect
effectively with your Library*”. Library Open Day and Academic Integrity
week is an annual event that aims at endearing all library customers to
library resources and services.

 Library Open Day and Academic Integrity event gives the Library an
opportunity to interact with stakeholders by means of discussions and
presentations as indicated in the attached program. The event will create
awareness of the library services and highlight the importance of academic
integrity to students, staff and external stakeholders in support of
University of Nairobi’s mission on research output.

Library Open Day and Academic Integrity event will be held virtually and
will present an immeasurable opportunity for library customers to acquire
knowledge and acquaint themselves with emerging trends in information
access and use.

The following are the objectives of the event:

i.       To showcase and create awareness of the library resources and

ii.     To enhance  skills on access to information resources and services
in the blended environment

iii.   To create awareness on academic integrity among students, staff, and
the stakeholders

iv.   To promote university research through training on use and access to
research tools.

Below is the Event Link;


Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - 8:00am