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The Self Study Centre is constituent of College of Biological and Physical Science (CBPS). It is a support facility, whereby services and facilities are shared.

Specific roles of the centre include science based distance learning planning programs and resources, developing and maintaining instructional systems (video and computer assisted learning), collaboration with other institutions and student support services. Students from the other colleges also use the facility for personal study and discussions groups.


A Self Study Centre is not a Library, nor a Computer Room, but much more than that. It is a tool to help students in obtaining better examination results and make them act as  better scientists by offering them educational material and guidance’s. Students who lack some certain knowledge when entering the university can find books and CD-ROMs to update their level.

The Self Study Centre has five operational sections that include the Reading Unit, Computer Unit, Discussion Unit, Video Unit and the Front Office where reading and revision materials can be found.


The Reading Unit is meant for students who want to study on their own. Students in this unit come with their own reading material. Students use books recommended by various departments reserved in the Front Office to be used within the Centre. Here, students can find selected textbooks of Biochemistry, Zoology, Chemistry, Botany, Medical Physiology, Physics and Mathematics.

The students and members of staff can also access past examination papers as need be. The books and related reading/learning   materials can not be borrowed, implying that students and staff have to use them at the Centre only.

The Computer Unit offers students and staff access to the internet and assist students complete their homework. E-Journals and e-books can be accessed through the Center by the students.


Unlike the Reading Unit where silence is observed, the Discussion Unit is located further from the reading area and is meant for academic interaction between the students. This unit is very resourceful to the students due to its uniqueness in terms of verbal interactions. Trapezoidal tables are arranged in a manner to facilitate easier verbal exchange between the group members with minimal obstruction to the neighbouring groups.

The Video Unit is also unique due to its capacity to offer video lessons on specified topics with demonstrations in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Zoology and Human Anatomy. Students are usually accompanied by Technologists from the various departments and offer further explanations whenever necessary. The unit is open to individual use by students at any time upon request. This supplements and furthers visualization of ideas learnt in a conventional classroom.


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